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Mahogany Eurocopter EC145 Police helicopter

Hand carved responsibly sourced Mahogany Eurocopter EC145 Police helicopter with IR camera and Nitesun torch on stand. This model of Police helicopter is in service with the Metropolitan Police (NPAS London) and others.

This model is made entirely of Mahogany with a highly polished finish, the main rotors and tail rotors move as does the IR camera and Nitesun. This is a highly decorative piece that will stand out in any home.


44cm long (with main rotors attached)

40cm wide (rotor width)

22cm high (on stand)

Each model is unique as each main body is formed from a single piece of wood, very minor imperfections show you that this truly is a unique item. Each stand is hand made and can accomodate a plaque however we recommend you take the stand with you to any engravers as they are all slightly different in size.

A small amount of self assembly is required for this model but don’t let that deter you, it’s a very simple process with easy fit guide pins to make sure you can’t go wrong.

                              These helicopter models normally retail at £99 but we are offering them for £85 each



All busts and figures are mounted on 30mm mahogany base with exception of 120mm painted figures which can be mounted on wooden base for an additional £12.00.


Available either in cold cast bronze effect or painted.

Can be personalised: hair colour, eye colour, shoulder numbers and rank.  MPS name badges are also available.

Cold cast £75.00 or hand painted £80.00

Basic personalisation (hair, eyes, number, rank) +£5.00

MPS personalised name badge +£10.00

Beat duty 

Available either male or female, cold cast bronze effect or painted.  Male helmets are available in three styles:

ball top – Humberside and Devon & Cornwall

Cockcombe – Cheshire, City of London and Hampshire

Rose top – Metropolitan and Bedfordshire

Cold cast £75.00 or hand painted £80.00


PC Smiler (sculpted by famous sculptor Michael Sutty)

Cold cast £50.00 or hand painted £55.00

Public Order Figure (230mm tall)

Cold cast £75.00 or hand painted £80.00

state shield preference when ordering – long or short

Old time PC

Cold cast £75.00 or hand painted £80.00

Lost and Found

Cold cast £80.00 or hand painted £85.00

Hand Painted Figures (all 120mm tall)

£35.00 each to clear 

Model H&K MP5 £40.00 each

100mm long approximately

also available in black