The Stingers Revenge


Stinger – Hedgehogs Regret lapel badge (25mm) £3.00 each.








Updated and available now! 


For those of you that have successfully ‘stung’ a vehicle, Black Rat Merchandise have modernised the prestigious ‘Revenge of the Hedgehog’ pin badge in recognition of your efforts to keep the motoring community safe from the scourge of vehicle crime.

The previous badges are no longer available so grab yourself the token that you deserve and wear it with pride! Available with a white hat for Traffic Officers and a standard hat for those of you aspiring to be a Traffic Officer! Please state your hat preference when ordering. Just £3 each.


Are you a ‘Stinger’ slinging thief taker? Have you successfully thrown a stinger (or other HOSTYD’s style device) in anger on more than three occasions?  Then this badge is for you. Having reached the heady heights of multiple stings you are now entitled to wear a very limited edition ‘Antique’ metal “Hedgehogs revenge” badge. Rarer than the ‘Victoria Cross’, grab yours and wear it proudly so others can aspire to your prowess – Just £3 each.


“Revenge of the Hedgehog” badges are hard earned and can take many years to achieve the required standard for eligibility to own one, we are therefore asking for proof that you are the worthy recipient of such a highly sought after badge.

Please provide us with suitable endorsement on your order email that you have successfully stung a vehicle. Endorsement from a supervising Officer (email trail but please do redact any sensitive info from the email) will be sufficient however…….. we do have our spies around the country and random checks for authenticity may be undertaken!! None of your details will be shared with any third party except one of our secret agents (known as 00163).

Unfortunately, we are unable to give these badges away free like previous ‘Stinger’ badges however by buying yours you can be safe in the knowledge that all profits will be donated to a good cause.







You’ve slung the ‘Stinger’, you’ve earned the badge, now you deserve to wear one of our new ‘Hedgehogs Revenge’ rubber velcro backed patches on your place of choice. The patches are 70mm in diameter and all rubber which makes them highly durable, washable and more importantly a fitting tribute to your stinger slinging skills! Available with a white Traffic hat or a black hat for those aspiring to be a white hat wearer!!

Only £5 each with proof of eligibility…. for those that have already earned a badge you’ll know what you need to do.