Historical Manual Auction

Historical Traffic Policing Manual Auction



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(Bidding ends on midnight 14th March 2021)



A retired Met Traffic Patrol has donated a manual entitled ‘METROPOLITAN TRAFFIC MANUAL First Edition 1922’ for auction on the www.bluelightgifts.org.uk. website, which is managed by an ex: Traffic Patrol and provides suitable gifts for retired police officers.

This manual would be of considerable interest to anyone who studies early traffic policing history.  It was written by a Barrister-at-Law and was priced at twelve shillings and sixpence net.  It deals with the law relating to Road, River and Air Traffic in London and elsewhere, covering the use of motor cars, road locomotives, stage and hackney carriages, as well as tramcars.  The book could not be described as being in very good condition at the age of 99 but it is the content that is of considerable interest.  The cover is well worn but in one piece.  The edges of the pages are discoloured but none are torn.  Inside the back cover is a pocket containing two Ordnance Survey maps about half the size of a modern O.S. map, which are in very good condition and not discoloured.  One is entitled ‘Metropolitan Police District’ and the other is entitled ‘County and City of London’.  Both maps are dated 1922 and are clearly intended to be a companion to the book.





ALL of the profits made from this book auction and sales on Blue Light Gifts is donated to a good cause….. yes that’s right, every single penny.

To place a bid please send an email to sales@bluelightgifts.org.uk and use ‘Book Bid’ in the subject field on your email. Due to the high volume of emails received daily, the Blue Light Gifts team regret that they will not be able to acknowledge receipt of you email and the winning bidder will be contacted on the 15th March by return email. 

If you are the lucky winner, we would appreciate prompt payment so we don’t lose what little hair we all have left!!

Stay safe out there and happy bidding….